Christians & California’s Homeless Calamity

How should Christians address homelessness? The situation is worsening despite lip service by politicians and “homeless advocates” about fixing a problem they’ve helped create. One only needs to look at California. I’ve lived in Los Angeles County (twice), Sacramento County…
Derryck Green
October 14, 2022

Black Nationalism

  As printed in the Catholic periodical, First Things. Racial identity has been a priority for black Americans since the end of the civil rights movement. According to a recent Pew Report, 74 percent of black adults regard being black…
Derryck Green
August 15, 2022

The Continued Shaming of Evangelicals

Christianity Today published a pre-election piece in which Timothy Dalrymple– also the president and CEO of the publication– explained the political divisions among white evangelicals concerning Donald Trump. The foundation of his analysis was the response to former editor Mark…
Derryck Green
November 17, 2020

White Americans: Racist, No Matter Identity?

Since the killing of George Floyd in May, the country has been held hostage with mostly scripted “conversations” about racism. Some unscripted conversations have been constructive; the predictable ones have not. Constructive conversations about racism acknowledge that though bigotry still…
Derryck Green
October 16, 2020

Biden’s Black Agenda– More Government Dependency

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden released his compulsory plan for helping American blacks– should he win the November election. Few people noticed. Predictably, Biden promised expanded government intervention into the lives of American blacks. Consequently, his plan calls for substantial government…
Derryck Green
May 19, 2020

French Presses White Evangelicals

I enjoyed reading David French’s columns and musings at National Review and looked forward to reading his perspective on everything from law to religion. However, the 2016 presidential campaign and election had a demonstrable effect on French; it changed him.…
Derryck Green
April 27, 2020