Eric Holder Should Resign, But Won’t

The calls for Eric Holder’s resignation are not only increasing, they’re growing louder- and for good reason.  Holder has been an extremely divisive individual since his 2009 “nation of cowards” speech at a Justice Department event marking Black History Month.…
Derryck Green
June 7, 2013

Congressional Black Embarrassment

  Once again, members of the Congressional Black Caucus has found a way to embarrass itself and their constituents.  During the Oversight Committee hearing regarding the "whistle blower" testimony on Benghazi, Elijah Cummings (D- Maryland) - the committee's ranking member, no less- in an…
Derryck Green
May 8, 2013

Jim Wallis And Gay Marriage

Looks like Jim Wallis has joined those “leaders,” religious and non-religious alike, who have “evolved” in regards to their support of same-sex marriage.  On Friday while being interviewed by the Huffington Post, Wallis was asked about his views concerning the…
Derryck Green
April 8, 2013