Ben Jealous’ Transgendering Defense Against Voter ID

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As if on comedic cue, Ben Jealous of the continually-irrelevant NAACP proves once again why the NAACP is on life support.

I noted that last month the NAACP- with the help of the ACLU, sued Arizona in federal court to have the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2011 thrown out.  This law prohibits and criminalizes all race and sex-based abortions. Apparently, the NAACP sees nothing wrong with the disproportionate numbers of abortions happening among blacks and wants more babies aborted.

Now, they’re arguing against voter-id laws because it would “disadvantage” transgendered Americans.


This past Friday while speaking on a panel at the Netroots gathering in San Jose, Jealous insisted that voter ID laws shouldn’t be implemented because such laws are discriminatory to…the transgendered.

Using his (adopted) brother as an example, Jealous claimed that requiring identification to vote would put his brother at a disadvantage because his brother dresses differently when he’s on the prowl man-hunting in the streets of San Francisco than he does when he goes to work.  The result would be a visual discrepancy depending on when or where his brother – or any transgendered person- showed his/her id card. Therefore in Jealous’ mind- voter id requirements should be discarded.

But a study out of UCLA concluded that there are roughly 700,000 people- only .23 percent of the American population- that self-identify as transgendered.

Voter-id laws that prevent corruption and deception are like kryptonite to Democrats.

Only in the progressive mind can someone suggest- with a straight face- that voter id laws that intend to limit and discourage voter fraud should be avoided because it represents a fabricated notion of “discrimination” to such a statistically irrelevant demographic.

Had Jealous been speaking to a room full of people whose IQ was above room temperature, he would have been promptly ridiculed and laughed off of this “panel.” But he wasn’t; he was speaking to progressives.

Next we’ll hear the Ben Jealous and the NAACP arguing against voter-id laws because these laws would “discriminate” against people who suffer from multiple personality disorder, claiming the impossibility of predicting what personality would actually show up at the polling place attempting to vote.

The pulse of this organization is fading and the NAACP is close to flat line.



One Comment

  • reframes says:

    Well now the NAACP can go back to defending those who suffer from ‘wrong color disorder”.
    We should be seeing a lot more of those soon.