Immigration, Capitulation and the Death of the GOP

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The Republicans in Congress are eagerly intent in participating in their own demise.  Since November, when the Republicans lost an election that was theirs for the taking, the so-called Grand Old Party has been listening to- and taking advice from- their political adversaries on how to make themselves more appealing to Hispanics.

I’ve said and written elsewhere before that the Republican party needs to employ a new generation of messengers to deliver their message if they’re to be successful in expanding the political influence of their party.  These messengers are preferably admitted conservatives and under the age of 50; they don’t wear check pants or wingtips, they’re not members of country clubs and aren’t pasty white fellows who reek condescension.

And though the Republican party has a number of people who fit that exact description, they purposely neglect to use them.

Instead, they’ve chosen- beyond comprehension- to listen to Democrats to formulate their strategy in expanding their appeal and influence to minorities (specifically Hispanics) and young people. What sense does it make to listen to one’s political opposition when creating and implementing a plan to expand political influence?  Only a party that lacks common sense, credible leadership, and who would rather play ‘not to lose’ than to actually win does something as noticeably and embarrassingly stupid as this.

How stupid?

Motivated by a combination of Democrat deception and the lack of testicular fortitude to practically engage this serious issue, Republicans in both houses are intent on passing a so-called comprehensive immigration bill that would have the effect of normalizing more than eleven million illegal immigrants. Though the devil lay in the details- in tandem with Democrat party credibility- the bill amounts to what many consider to be nothing short of amnesty prior to closing the borders, which would thwart more would-be illegals from taking advantage of congressional stupidity.

And increasing the numbers of Democrat voters.

In other words, Republicans- led by the Gang of Eight- foolishly believe that offering a relaxed path toward legality or citizenship to a group of people who willingly and knowingly broke the law will endear them to Hispanics, increasing Hispanic support come midterm elections in ’14 and in the presidential election in 2016.


How breathtakingly naive is the GOP in their foolish attempt at courting Hispanics?  According to Census Bureau data, Hispanics only accounted for 8.4 percent of the electorate in the 2012 election.  8.4 percent.

As a parenthetical, blacks accounted for 13.4 percent of the electorate. The fact that Republicans are willing to fall on their political swords for Hispanic amor when blacks represent a greater percentage of the electorate is indicative of the lack of political capital blacks have as a result of their unquestioning loyalty to Democrats (even at the expense of  their own self-interest).  It’s a major reason why Republicans won’t take the time to create a credible strategy to improve their messaging among black Americans.  They’ll simply continue their half-assed attempts in appealing to blacks, which many will argue is a justified course of action, considering.

Returning to the incompetency of congressional Republicans. They are willing to commit political suicide for 8.4 percent of the electorate.

One of the captains of the sinking ship Republicans refuse to abandon is Marco Rubio.  At one point, Rubio was seen by many as the potential (conservative) savior of the Republican party.  He’s bright, articulate, he’s an effective communicator and seemed to possess the necessary qualities of leadership.

Not anymore.

Rubio, either through political naivete’ or an inflated sense of importance from reading his own press, has allowed himself to be irrevocably attached to- and politically cornered by- this sham of an immigration bill.  As information began to leak regarding how bad this bill was becoming, Rubio chose to double down on his support for the bill rather than take a stand against the detrimental changes.

When more information became known regarding the infinitely flawed bill, rather than admitting the error of his ways and dropping his support for the bill- potentially salvaging his political future, he’s confusingly maintained his support for the bill further souring his name in the mouths of many of his previous supporters.

Whatever the case, Republicans are engaging in their party’s self-destruction by attempting to legitimize this bill.  I’m not sure if they’re bright enough or care enough to know that this bill isn’t meant to pass.  It’s simply a political tactic used by Democrats to expose their vulnerability (toward Hispanics) and politically neutralize them in the upcoming elections.

Since Republicans are complicit in their own self-destruction, I created a video to celebrate their achievement.



  • reframes says:

    Republicans face both a message and demographic crisis.
    The stated message: “Strive, have family values, and you’ll make it,” is undercut by the
    “I’ve got mine, you don’t, and I’m going to keep it that way” meta-message.

    The Hispanic % of population is increasing and I think the Black is not.
    Hispanics have family values and might buy the stated message, if they are naive new-comers. So, more new citizens.

    Blacks are not newcomers and just need to ask what have you done for me lately?
    Neither party looks very good, but the last big thing was civil rights by the Democrats.
    The Republican response was the Southern Strategy. They captured the most racist Democrats.
    That leaves Blacks, and Black conservatives in particular, with no place to have any real leverage.

    • derryckg says:


      Thanks for chiming in again…

      “Republicans face both a message and demographic crisis.”

      I partially agree with you. They have a messenger problem which isn’t in any doubt whatsoever. They continually employ the most inarticulate and unconvincing people in their party to go before the cameras, committees and the like in an attempt to communicate their vision. It’s perpetual self-sabotage and at this point, I can’t help but to think that they’re actually that dense or it’s intentional. Either way it doesn’t do much in encouraging support or confidence of their base or potential voters in their leadership.

      That said, I partially disagree with you regarding their message, but I understand why you (and all those who believe similarly) say they have a messaging problem. I still hold to the fact that at its most basic level- communicated in the party’s platform- the message is clear and in stark contrast to their political opponents. Again, the GOP purposely decides to employ non-communicators to communicate their message in tandem with being unable to implement their clarified vision while at the same time, refusing to counter the lies and distortions made about them by Democrats.

      In the end, both parties clearly suffer from a lack of leadership.

      “The Hispanic % of population is increasing and I think the Black is not.
      Hispanics have family values and might buy the stated message, if they are naive new-comers. So, more new citizens.”

      You’re right- Hispanic population is increasing because they’re the only ones left procreating as recent evidence demonstrates. The black population is has been stagnant (in relation to their percentage of the population) for years for obvious reasons. They abort way too many of their children and too many of those who aren’t aborted are killed at the hands of their brethren as a result of gang activity or other violent crime. But the reality remains that as a percentage of the electorate, blacks represent a larger share; the data bears that out.

      Now, a certain percentage of the Hispanic population has a high regard for family values, are religiously oriented and have a sincere concern regarding the economy, quality education, etc. But the GOP believes that pandering is the right approach to endearing themselves to Hispanics as opposed to messaging. And they’re in the process of committing the same mistakes with Hispanics as they have with blacks- and will inevitably be met with the same results. Pandering is nothing more than condescension and it demonstrates a lack of respect toward the object of condescension.

      “Neither party looks very good, but the last big thing was civil rights by the Democrats.
      The Republican response was the Southern Strategy. They captured the most racist Democrats.
      That leaves Blacks, and Black conservatives in particular, with no place to have any real leverage.”

      You’re right: neither party looks good and they have themselves to blame, partially; the other part is on us for continuing to elect charlatans to office.
      As it pertains to the civil rights era/so-called Southern strategy, I part ways with you on that. As it’s well known, a greater percentage of Republicans voted for the CRA of ’64 than did the Democrats; same is true about the VRA of ’65. Matter of fact, Republicans have supported various civil rights acts in greater numbers or percentages than have Democrats. But Democrats get the credit for it (them) because though against it in the houses of Congress, Johnson was president and signed them into law.

      The southern strategy was a misnomer if one looks at the elections after ’64 and onward. Only twice did Republicans sweep the south (Nixon and Reagan reelections). Otherwise they’ve carried only a handful of states in each presidential election; most of the states of the old Confederacy have been fairly loyal to the Democrat party.

      This misnomer, in addition to the Democrats receiving credit for civil rights, also goes to the point above about messaging. The GOP desperately needs a counter-messaging program. But don’t look for it any time soon.

      Simply put, the GOP has a terrible, self-inflicted PR problem.

  • reframes says:

    You’re assuming the parties are monolithic.

    The Republicans are incoherent because of splits between the Tea Party and the business factions. (I”m ignoring cultural conservatives here)
    TPs are the epitome of self-reliance – they’ve worked hard; they’ve gotten no handouts like those welfare queens. But they’ve had their jobs offshored or threatened by minorities. Their retirement accounts (if they have any) are tanking. They’d rather starve than go on food stamps. The Tea Party folks really buy the kill government narrative, because to them government just favors layabout minorities.

    But, I think those groups became a force by being sponsored by “I’ve got mine” rich guys. Those guys also believe in self-reliance but forget the assistance society and government has actually given them. (see Elizabeth Warren) For them freedom means making government regulations favor them. Big government is fine as long as its their welfare.

    So now what? They discover they’ve funded a Frankenstein monster in the TP and gerrymandered them into safe seats. You expect coherence of message?

    The Dems – Back in the civil rights era, they certainly had the corner on Southern racists, but Johnson is quoted as saying “we’ll lose the South for a generation” by pushing civil rights. Almost all Southern Dems voted against civil rights. Aside from Strom Thurmond, I’m not sure many in congress actually changed parties, but many voters did. Then look later at Reagan Democrats – pretty much the same folks I suspect as the TP. Dems have to make some appeal to that base, while still holding blacks and other minorities, so they look pretty incoherent as well.

    It’s a race to see who can commit suicide first.

    • derryckg says:

      No assumptions at all as everyone knows that there is no monolithic thought regarding either political party. I was merely dealing with both parties in general terms for express purposes.

      The current ideological makeup of the Democrat party precludes them from making inroads to ‘Reagan Democrats.’ The Democrat party makes it a habit of ridiculing those who would be known as a Reagan Democrat. It’s obvious when on simply watches, listens and reads the outlets in which they disperse their opinions and news. They have no plan or intent on making in roads to these people; their goal is a Balkanized constituency of blacks, Latinos, minorities, gays, women, illegals, disabled, Muslims, limousine liberals etc. who appreciate a considerably activist/interventionist government at the expense of the hated rich. In other words, an entire constituency that sees themselves as superficially and narcissistically, one-dimensional. That doesn’t play well to the aging “Reagan Democrat” by any stretch.

      “It’s a race to see who can commit suicide first.”–> LOLOL. No doubt, but that race is being won by Republicans, hands down.

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