“Rights” Groups

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Whenever I see groups who claim to be victims’ rights advocates, I wonder why these people have taken the responsibility of anointing themselves the arbiters and guardians of the so-called rights of specific and politically targeted groups are generally silent when those people whom they claim to protect are violated and in need of defending.

For example, the so-called women’s rights’ groups who loudly and publicly proclaim their fight against any and all forms of sexism that infringes on the freedom of women by advancing what amounts to a radical form of feminism.  They proclaim even louder their intentions to perpetually fight to maintain the legality of a woman’s ‘right’ to ‘choose’.

That a woman has the “right” to legally kill her unborn baby without fear of prosecution and imprisonment, is proof the woman is nothing but free.  Second the sexism they usually dispute is subjective and typically involves an underlying political motive.

If these women were truly concerned about the “rights” and freedoms of women, why are they consistently silent when example after example presents itself in the Muslim world of women being tortured, dehumanized and killed based on false testimony and no evidence? It seems as if they would prefer to fight for women to have the legal right to kill their babies rather than fight for the rights of women not to be killed themselves.

What about so-called gay-rights groups? They spend their time and money trying to force the culture-changing redefinition of marriage down America’s throats because to do so is a matter of “acceptance,” “tolerance” and “civil rights.” These “rights” groups falsely claim that gays and lesbians are being discriminated against because the majority of Americans refuse to give into their radical demands which stand against traditional American culture and all cultures that preceded America during the course of recorded human history.

But why are these groups not fighting for the rights of gays and lesbians in the Muslim world who are castrated, stoned, tortured and killed simply for being gay? Why aren’t they fighting for gays that are imprisoned because their sexual preference is thought to be contagious? These so-called gay rights groups are always denouncing homophobia- real but mostly imagined- yet are consistently silent regarding the treatment of homosexuals in third-world countries where actual- and many times deadly- homophobia exists.

What about the so-called “colored” organizations? One organization which proudly and demonstrably proclaims itself as America’s oldest civil rights organization, a purposeful reliance on their historical pedigree for moral credibility to justify their relevance on contemporary issues– claims to fight against the racial discrimination- real or imagined- of people of color.

Yet they refuse to fight against racial discrimination such as slavery that currently exists in many African countries and parts of the middle East where Arab Muslims still trade and own African slaves.  Why are they not acknowledging the violation of the human rights of those enslaved Africans?  Closer to home, why are they silent regarding the slaughter of blacks by other blacks in the city of Chicago? The situation has gotten so bad that the city has been nicknamed Chicongo because of the increasing violence and heightening murder rate, which topped 500 in 2012 and eight days into this year, is currently outpacing that number.

What about the Latino “rights” organizations? They fight for the rights of illegal immigrants who proudly and publicly flaunt their illegality, arguing that their criminality shouldn’t preclude them from receiving social, economic benefits and pleasures at the expense of legal immigrants and American citizens. Yet they conveniently ignore how harshly and inhumanely the Mexican government treats Guatemalans and other ethnically-Latino groups who attempt to emigrate from Central America into Mexico.

What these groups demonstrate is their hypocrisy regarding their stated missions and actual intentions. These groups intend to slowly and ‘progressively’ imbibe America with a destructive political and ideological worldview. They’re not concerned with the rights of those victims who are violated and in desperate need of voices to help mitigate their suffering.  I think it’s indicative of the fact that we live in such bored, secured and pampered society that so many people would rather invent representations of evil to self-righteously fight, rather than having the courage to fight against the actual evil that pervades our world.


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