Response to Race Fatigue

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Last week I voiced my position(s) regarding the topic of race that was picked up by Right Wing News and elevated nationally by

In the piece I lamented a diagnosed case of acute racial fatigue.  Based on several recent stories (here, here and here) and the discussions surrounding them, I’m still suffering.

That said, I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to read my article and shared it with others.  I also wanted to thank Dennis Prager and his producer Allen Estrin for allowing me to be a guest on his radio program which gave me an opportunity to share my insights with the show’s listeners.

Though I had no idea that this piece would resonate with people in the way it has, the responses I’ve received to the article (and radio appearance) demonstrate that I’m not a lone sufferer of racial fatigue.  It appears that many Americans- of all colors- are exhausted with the one-sided, superficial, blame-game victimization that has come to characterise and exacerbate many of the recent “conversations” about race.”

I also didn’t expect- but thoroughly appreciate- the positive responses and words of encouragement from people across the country who read my article and heard me on Dennis’ show.

So, a thousand ‘thank yous’ to all who have emailed, shared, called or tweeted your support for the thesis of my article.

God Bless.


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