National Day of Prayer

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ndpThis is my simple contribution to Project 21’s discussion regarding the National Day of Prayer-

Today, as Americans participate in the National Day of Prayer, we should be mindful that our prayers — regardless of our religious tradition — reflect our thankfulness for the blessings that God has bestowed upon our nation.

At the same time, all is not well in our nation.  As such, and as I Timothy 2:2 counsels, our prayers and intercessions should be made for all people.  This includes those in authority — no matter what their political affiliations are — so that we may live in peace.  Let us humbly pray for our nation, our military and civic and religious leaders that God may grant them mercy, much needed courage, very much needed wisdom and guidance.

Let us also pray to God and ask that he forgive of our sins individually as well as corporately as a nation.  We should ask God to remove the many manifestations of impurity that finds its way into our lives, and hinder us from personifying the righteousness and justice that he desires.  Americans should also fervently pray that God restores our land from the infirmities that afflict our nation. 
It is my hope, as noted in Jeremiah 29:12-13, that we earnestly and sincerely seek God in prayer — not only that he may hear us, but also that we may find him.

May God continue bless and restore our lives and our nation as we humble ourselves before him today.


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