Does An Unreasonable Fear of Black Men Exist?

When videos of clashes between blacks and law enforcement officers are released, or when blacks are harassed by white women comically known as “Karens” are shown on social media, or as over-zealous white males criminally profile blacks, I say as…
Derryck Green
May 28, 2020

Biden’s Black Agenda– More Government Dependency

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden released his compulsory plan for helping American blacks– should he win the November election. Few people noticed. Predictably, Biden promised expanded government intervention into the lives of American blacks. Consequently, his plan calls for substantial government…
Derryck Green
May 19, 2020

French Presses White Evangelicals

I enjoyed reading David French’s columns and musings at National Review and looked forward to reading his perspective on everything from law to religion. However, the 2016 presidential campaign and election had a demonstrable effect on French; it changed him.…
Derryck Green
April 27, 2020