Avoiding Secular Ideologies Freedom Helps Black Families

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After the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, where the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, it allowed states to decide their respective abortion laws, primarily because the Constitution has no references to abortion.

Many school districts nationwide endorse curricula based on critical race theory and antiracism. These districts’ policies force this race-based ideology into all core subjects. It treats students differently based on race, ethnicity, and religious background. Many of these districts ignore challenges to this ideology by labeling disagreeable opinions “discriminatory.” These policies force children to view everyone through the lens of race and to label white students as “privileged,” “oppressors,” and “victimizers” while labeling all other children as “underprivileged,” “oppressed,” and “victims.” Many parents want these districts to treat each child with basic human dignity, value, and equal treatment–not based on racial discrimination.

Additionally, many school districts nationwide endorse gender ideology. Originally, gender meant the distinction observable with our own eyes: the differences between men and women, how those differences affect how we live our lives in our culture, and how social roles and expectations contribute to our biological realities. In our contemporary context, adults assume that “gender identity” suggests that boys can become girls–and girls can become boys. But most people not in the transgender cult know that isn’t true. People are born with either XX chromosomes–girls that become women, or XY chromosomes–boys that become men. These adults encourage gender transition in children who cannot contemplate the disinformation or the lifelong consequences of changing their gender. In reality, there should be compassionate psychologists and psychotherapists who can discern the mental health aspects that contribute to wanting to change gender– sexual trauma, ADHD, autism, dissociative identity disorders, depression, and anxiety.

The stands taken on these issues help most American families. But I think it helps black families more.

The Supreme Court overturned Roe, providing an essential lifeline to black children. This decision has not only allowed states to discern what laws to implement to reduce abortions but also allowed more black children to be born rather than killed in their mothers’ wombs. The CDC reported that black women had 39 percent of all abortions in 2020. According to KFF, in places like Mississippi, black women account for 77 percent of abortions. Black women in Alabama had 66 percent of abortions, and in Georgia, black women had 67 percent of abortions–all in 2020.

After the George Floyd riots in May 2020, race critics reintroduced Critical Race Theory (CRT) to American culture. CRT advocates see racism in the United States as standard, not aberrational–it is the ordinary experience of most “people of color.” Rather than focusing on how to seek justice interpersonal or interracial reconciliation, CRT cultivates racial division, racial stereotyping, and racial hostility.

CRT assigns immorality to white children based only on their skin color and attributes a victimization status to blacks, Hispanics, and people who identify as homosexual or transgender. This racial worldview sees everyone and everything through the lens of race, but mainly through white victimization.

It identifies white children as either “privileged oppressors” or constantly “victimized” members of the oppressed if they’re black, Hispanic, or gay. Advocates of CRT feel that blacks will never be able to transcend “institutionalized racism,” which proponents of CRT never fully explain. CRT assumes that racism incurably infects all of our social institutions, which requires their dismantling. The inevitable result is that it rejects agency for white children and adults and black children and adults.

CRT harms black children. Once black children internalize racism, they feel that no matter what they do, they can never overcome racism. They begin to see white people as having to make amends for the so-called “oppression” they have caused, which leads to the myth of “white messiahs,” in which progressive whites must address the moral, cultural, educational, and income failings associated with racial disparities based on equity, not equality.

Forcing white people to address these failings undermines black agency.

Children deserve equal and fair treatment. No child should be punished or rewarded based on their skin color. Racism cannot defeat more racism. Therefore, we should not teach children to discriminate based on race. Instead, we should teach them that everyone has value and dignity.

Challenging gender ideology helps black children embrace how God made them. Schools and state governments confuse children—telling them the lie that they can change their sex from male to female or female to male. Encouraging a child to adopt a different gender identity through using opposite-sex pronouns or other names – known as “social transition” or “affirming one’s gender,” schoolteachers, administrators, and counselors engage in an emotional intervention that leads to gender dysphoria. Rather than believing the lies adults tell them– that they can become the opposite sex, they should embrace their biological gender and begin thriving in ways God wants.

Rejecting these secular, Marxist ideologies allows black children to thrive and live according to God’s purpose. Rejecting these ideologies helps black families because it reduces the number of black children killed by abortion, diminishes the idea that blacks lack agency and free will, and rejects the notion that boys can become girls and girls can become boys.

Rejecting CRT and gender ideology allows black children to thrive and realize they control their actions and who they become. It also enables black children to demonstrate that they are equal to their multiracial counterparts.



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