Eric Holder Should Resign, But Won’t

The calls for Eric Holder’s resignation are not only increasing, they’re growing louder- and for good reason.  Holder has been an extremely divisive individual since his 2009 “nation of cowards” speech at a Justice Department event marking Black History Month.…
Derryck Green
June 7, 2013

Reaction(s) To Obama’s Morehouse Speech

There has been quite a bit of reaction to the president’s commencement speech this past weekend at the historically-black Morehouse College, and it seems as if there were as many people who disliked it as there were those who loved…
Derryck Green
May 23, 2013

Where’s The Black Church?

The increasing problems that have infected and affected the black community need to be addressed in a serious and sincere manner.  Most of these problems have at their center a morality that was once readily present in black America, but…
Derryck Green
May 21, 2013

R.I.P. Dallas Willard

I know that I'm late in acknowledging the passing of Dallas Willard last week, but it's never too late to pay our respects.  Though I don't claim to have known Mr. Willard, I did have the opportunity to meet and…
Derryck Green
May 13, 2013