Blacks Must Become Multilingual

If blacks want to avoid becoming a cultural and political afterthought, and I believe we do, then it is an existential imperative that we become multilingual. Blacks must learn to speak the language of education- specifically education reform. It’s not…
Derryck Green
October 19, 2014

September’s Job Numbers

With so many threats facing or involving our country- and the president’s perpetual, head-shaking incompetence in dealing with these threats- be it confronting the perils of ISIS, dealing with Iran as it continues its pursuit of nuclear weapons; the socio-economic…
Derryck Green
October 3, 2014

August’s Economic Numbers

Listening to the President’s speech at the Milwaukee Laborfest this past week, he would have the country believe that the economy is booming- or at the very least, strengthening enough to give the country more confidence in his stewardship. Among other…
Derryck Green
September 5, 2014

Ferguson Riots and Black Stigma

Rather than waiting until the specific details concerning the #MichaelBrown case were released- like the specifics of the autopsy, the detailed officers report, the toxicology report or the result of an investigation into Brown’s death- Ferguson residents decided to act.…
Derryck Green
August 20, 2014

Fire in Ferguson

Ferguson, Missouri is on fire. Once again, a city is in chaos because of an “injustice” inflicted upon a black person at the hands of a (racist) white person. In this case, that white person happens to be- as of…
Derryck Green
August 14, 2014

July’s Job Numbers

Poor jobs numbers from July continue to reflect a slow-moving economy.   The first quarter’s economic contraction has been revised a final time. A previous revision showed that the economy contracted 2.9%. The latest revision, released this week by the…
Derryck Green
August 1, 2014